Angular Tutorial – Getting Started – Setting Up and Creating a new Project

To work in angular project first we have to install nodejs, an editor and an angularcli. In this tutorial we will see how to install all the things which we want to develop angular project and also we will see how to create an angular project. Angular tutorial setting up – Create new project – node js and angular cli

Getting Started – Setting Up.

Install node js:

Visit: and download recommended or latest version and do regular process to install a software

Once installed, open Command Prompt (cmd) and check the version of node js

  • node -v
    • which will display the installed version of node v10.15.3 (it might for you)
  • npm -v
    • which tell the package manager version
How to check node js version

How to check node js version

Install Editor/IDE:

I recommend visual studio code since it provide a support for TypeScript, visit  download latest version and install it.

Install Angular CLI:

Visit to get the command to install angular ci

  • npm install -g @angular/cli which will install angular cli in the current directory.

But to install globally issue the following command

  • npm install -g @angular/cli -g
  • ng –version
    • Which will tell the angular cli version
How to Check Angular Cli Version

How to Check Angular Cli Version


Creating the angular project

To create a new angular project issue the command and open the project in the visual studio editor.

  • ng new first-project
    • Here first-project is the name of the project.

How to run the project.

Issue the following command to run the project in browser.

  • ng serve
    • This will create a local server and deploy our project into it.
  • To run the project, open the browser and hit localhost:4200


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